Key documents to include in your fireproof, waterproof box in case of emergencies. These documents will be helpful in many circumstances, including evacuating for a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Government Documents  

  • Birth certificate  
  • Social security cards  
  • Copy of your driver’s license front and back  
  • Passport  
  • Military ID or discharge papers  
  • Other government benefits or special documentation  

Medical Documents  

  • Copy of Medical Insurance/Medicare cards  
  • Doctor’s name and number  
  • List of medications and pharmacy name and number  
  • List of allergies  

Insurance & Financial Documents  

  • Insurance Policies  
    • Insurance Agent Name and Number
  • List of Financial Accounts & Debts
    • Account Numbers & Contact Information 
    • Contact after a disaster, many creditors have programs in place  
  • Legal Documents (Will, Power of Attorney, Trust, Business etc)  
  • Ownership documents for home, cars, and other property  

Other Miscellaneous  

  • List of Passwords  
  • Pet Ownership & Vet Records 

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